Friday, February 13, 2009

Ubuntu and the New User

I had no sooner got home from Europe when my wife Amber has the idea that she wants to use Ubuntu. (Thats what I get for getting her an Ubuntu T-Shirt with "Linux for Human Beings" on the back.)

My wife was a die hard windows user for years. When I got tired of being her personal admin, we moved to a Mac. For me a Mac was close enough to Linux in that I could ssh in, do most thing remotely... As of yesterday I couldn't pry a Mac out of her cold dead hands...

Over the years I had tried to move here to various Red Hat flavors since I worked at Red Hat, we tried RHL, Fedora, RHEL WS, and every time it met with abysmal failure. Usually it manifested itself as some sort of failure when I was out of town, she couldn't print, WIFI wouldn't work, or just her plain impatience when it comes to button clicking. If something doesn't immediately return she keeps clicking, selecting more and more menu choices until the computer grinds to a halt with 10,000 dialog boxes all over the screen with wording she does not understand.

So I'm back aboard the "convert the wife to Linux" train yet again. This time I don't get to help, advise or otherwise participate. I gave her an old laptop the Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid CD and showed her how to "press F12" to get to the boot selection menu.

She is blogging about it if you want to follow the saga you can here:

Cuz God knows I'm living it... *sigh*