Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily upstream "crack of the day"

Announcing "crack of the day" kernel builds... Yes it's true, plain ol' upstream kernel builds of Linus' daily tree. For those of you feeling like testing some new bits, running the bleeding edge or just like pain, these kernels are for you. We make no guarantee if you'll get one every day due to the shape of the upstream tree, if it compiles you'll get it.

You can find em' here:

You can thank Andy Whitcroft, its all his fault :-)

More of the UDS outcomes for the kernel over the next few days....


Anonymous said...

Hey, I haven't tried it yet but can please make it in a way that while installed, the usual Ubuntu kernel will start as default and you have to select the crack-kernel manually in Grub?

Jef Spaleta said...

is kerneloops enabled for these daily kernels?

It's a shame that the push for the new notification subsystem prevented kerneloops from making it into jaunty as a default enabled reporting service.

I take it from the bug reports that the issues were finally resolved and it operates from universe without a problem?

Would it make sense to have the crack-o-the-day kernels to drag in kerneloops from universe on install? Since these are mainline kernels the kerneloops reporting is probably pretty valuable to upstream.

Pete & Amber said...

@Anonymous, we are fixing the mainline kernel build and crack of the day kernel so that it does not become the first option. You will have to hit ESC and go into grub to select it. Look for it shortly after UDS.

Chris Samuel said...

Oh no, please don't make it so that I've got to go and remember to change my grub every time I install a new kernel! :-(

Can it at least be configurable so that those of us who know what we're doing can boot into the kernel we've just installed by default please ?