Thursday, May 28, 2009

Android and the Ubuntu Kernel

More news out of UDS. As many know Canonical demoed Android running on Ubuntu on the x86 architecture. As was noted quite a bit did not work because the demo was running a stock Ubuntu kernel. For some background you can read an article on Ars Technica about the demo.

Today we held an open session on Incorporating Android Into the Ubuntu Kernel. It was decided that we would make an Android Enabled Ubuntu kernel available. The kernel will be available on x86 and ARM architectures.

We will be forming up the spec over the next few weeks and I'll keep updating it here as well.

For the curious.... You can find more info on Android here:


Anonymous said...

If Ubuntu decides to include any "binder" propietary modules in the kernel, bye to Ubuntu and time to switch to some freedom. I don't want to see googleries inside my brown desktop. Why should we allow them? Just money? I am afraid development should be driven by real people necessities, not google gadgets. They already know and care too much about people, don't they? How about more to Blob-free kernel use and development? Does this make any GnuSense to anyone about what is Canonical dealing with behind scenes or is just me??? BTW, thanks for the cookie :)

TheNano said...

Android kernel will be optional! and it is maybe great for my netbook, of course you can run the very free if you want, don't get the critics really here.

Gene Vayngrib said...

Android emulator is torture device for developers - it is so painfully slow. If Android on Ubuntu is fast, which I hope it is - then it is a real life saver for cell-phone Mobile development and testing.

Can your setup already run the WebKit-based Browser that ships with Android SDK?

Can you give us a VirtualBox or VMWare image so that we can try it out?

RainCT said...

«The kernel will be available on x86 and ARM architectures.»

Does this include x86_64?

Cocoroto said...

I can understand the critics that "Anonymous" tries to point out. Where lies the compromise with Free Software (if any?) if you guys insist on adding proprietary modules to the kernel? Will the modules at least be Open Source? Ok, it's not the same, and it's a serious matter of ethics, as FSF has pointed out on every occasion. Of course that I don't want my box to be bloated with proprietary stuff... I suppose many users would agree on that, or are you asking us to trust on Google Inc.?? I'd wish the kernel team spent more time working on avoiding regressions, for instance (I've seen too many on my Jaunty) and not being just another player paving the way of Google's Android. If you can't get the critics, perhaps it is because Ubuntu is trying to go way too far. I'd love to see Ubuntu rocking, but being freer and freer every day.