Sunday, February 22, 2009

More kernel bits...

As of Jaunty Alpha 5 we have enabled kernel oops reporting on both our normal kernels and our vanilla kernel builds. Thanks to Jef for pointing out we should do it on our vanilla builds as well.

We have also made ext4 available for those users that would like to try it. I need to point out it is not the default option, but you can get to it thru the installer or convert to ext4 thru the commandline. Why is it not the default? At UDS in Dec, Ted Ts'o recommended that we don't make it default for this release. He felt it was very stable but not yet ready for mass consumption. I have been running it since Alpha 3 and its been working great for me, however your mileage may vary.

late edit: Amber asked what is the difference between "normal kernels and vanilla kernels". Normal kernels are upstream kernels that Ubuntu patches with code that we need in order to integrate the kernel in the distribution for example we add AUFS to make the live cd work, we at Ubuntu call these patches "Sauce". Vanilla kernels are pure unpatched upstream kernels. As stated in a previous blog post, we provide no support on the vanilla kernels, they are there there to assist users who want to test the latest upstream kernel on Ubuntu, and they also help us as Ubuntu kernel developers to find where our "sauce" patches might be breaking something.

My wife Amber is still hanging in there with Ubuntu, we are on about two weeks and counting. So far she is doing quite will. She has even found IRC and is in the Ubuntu channels. She has filed a few bugs in Launch Pad and is participating in the Jaunty Test Day. The only thing she really seems to be lacking is iMovie/iDVD equivalent applications. Linux has various apps that claim to do the same thing, none of them have the ease of use and integration. For those who are interested you can follow her exploits here:



Jef Spaleta said...

Where are you sending your kerneloops output for each of the kernels? are your oops going to be made available in a way that can be aggregated by ?

I would think the vanilla oops would be of definite interest as an enhancement to the aggregate statistics.

Looking at the interface it appears that the Fedora kernels oops are already getting collected as part of the aggregate count, so they might even be interested in your saucy kernel oops as well.


Pete & Amber said...


They are going to we have worked with Arjan to get it all up and running. As I said Alpha 5 will have this support which comes out this week.

Jef Spaleta said...