Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wow its Tursday already?

Where is the week going? Let see Sunday I met up with a colleague of mine David Mandela and we went over to the Imperial War Museum, which turned out to be less than a mile from our hotel. Its an excellent museum, it will take you 2 or 3 days to see the whole thing from top to bottom. I would recommend it.

Monday meetings all day. Then to the pub for drinks and dinner and the obligatory pub quiz. This is were you pay a 1 pound per person entry fee and you divide your group into teams of no more than four people. You are handed a sheet with photos of celebrities, and an answer sheet. Your team has to write down the name of the celeb, once thats done you move on to questions. They range from the local news, gossip, history etc... The pub quiz master walks around reading the questions aloud and collectively your team writes the answer on your sheet. At the end of it all your swap sheets with the another team and grade/score. Its actually quite fun... the issue for the non-British player is everything is British. Try guessing who won the football (soccer for the American's) championship of a specific league in 1994. In the end the one with the highest score wins all the money that everyone paid in, plus a plate of English sausages. My team came in 4th.

Wendsday night we went to a place for dinner called Dans le Noir (Dining in the Dark). The idea is that you eat your dinner totally in the dark. You are lead around and served by a blind waiter and you don't know whats on the menu. Fun huh? I actually had more fun than I thought I would. You get to pick a "style" of menu by color. Red == Meat, Blue == Fish, Green == Veggie, White == Chef's Special. So for example if you picked Red your would have a "meat" based dinner. The food was excellent somewhat exotic. I had the red menu and some of my "meats" were Ostrich, Venison etc... (You get to look at the menu if you want to after dinner).

More fun in London to come, dinner and bowling (at the same time or so I'm told) tonight.