Monday, August 4, 2008


For a job that is "Work from home" I'm sure not home a whole lot. Looks like I'll be in London in Aug (14th - 22nd). I'm soliciting suggestions on what to do over the weekend. Thoughts anyone?

I'll be traveling every month up to the end of the year. In Sep, Linux Plumbers Conference, in Oct. a visit to our office in Taiwan, Nov. another conference Linux End User Collaboration Summit and in Dec the Ubuntu Developer Summit in CA. Thats only the ones I know about, I'm sure a few others will get squeezed in.

I've been neglect in posting to the Blog. Since starting with Canonical I've had lots of questions about the company, Ubuntu community, culture etc... I'm planing on taking some time and doing a detailed posting in the near future. So if your interested stay tuned.