Thursday, May 22, 2008

Job change ...

Short and sweet... more details to follow. This was more to save me the multiple explanations.

I decided to leave HP and have taken a position with Canonical as the Ubuntu Kernel Manager.

Why leave HP? The job I was doing was not working with Linux. Yea yea I knew that going in but I wasn't prepared for the Linux withdrawal. The offer from Canonical was very interesting and I just couldn't refuse.

I will be working out of my home in NC, as such I've been busy getting the upstairs guest bed room ready as an office. As part of the exercise I've managed to gather up about 3 large totes of misc cables, part and computer bits that I need to get rid of. Becca decided she wants to have a yard sale and keep the money she makes from it. Like dad would ever have a say? It is good to get rid of the junk.

We'll be going to the mountains for the Memorial Day weekend, hopefully hooking up with Greg & Tammy and mucho brews.

More to follow...