Wednesday, September 3, 2008


First let me say Thanks! to everyone who sent me happy birthday wishes on Facebook, email and IM. I appreciate it. I want to go on record of hating Krafty, dude I'm not 50!!! I'm 30 for the 12th time... I'm not 50 stop spreading rumors dammit!

On to more interesting news, tomorrow (Sept. 4th) Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Alpha 5 is released. One of the more exciting items is that we are including 2.6.27rc4 Linux Kernel. This is a late change (as of last week), we had previously planned on going with 2.6.26.

There are numerous reasons why we are going with 2.6.27, first and foremost we are attempting to sync kernel versions with the other distributions, namely Fedora & OpenSUSE who both have publically planned to use the same kernel. This will allow for broader testing for the kernel across all distribtions with the end goal making the Linux kernel the best that it can be.

Its late so I'll post more about the Intrepid kernel tomorrow...


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