Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Its been awhile...

I got around to looking at the blog again. I seem to go thru phases with keeping it up to date. I guess I'm in a "posting" phase.

A lot has happened since my last post in Sep. Listed in no particular order:

* Left Red Hat to work for HP
* Moved from MA to NC (job related)
* Hit a deer with my SUV
* Got a few new computers (Mac's mostly)
* Lots of other stuff thats not worth mentioning here

I'm the Support Manager for HP's Server Automation Product line in Cary NC. So that has been keeping me busy. Its been a few years since I managed a support org. and I'm glad to see it still has all the same challenges.

Its great to be back in NC. Kids seem to like it as well. Amber? She was born and raised in NC so that goes without saying.

I've got lots of projects on the burner. Still messing with my mp3 collection, hacking together online things for my blackberry... like what? transparent proxying so I can actually ssh out on it among other things.

I also decied to try and write a mac application just to say I've done it. Its unix enough, I just need to mess with XCode (Apples development environment) and see where I get.

Hopefully I can keep writing, as I hear from family and friends when I don't. I never knew people would actually be interested in my drivel.... wonders never cease.

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quaid said...


Great to hear from you; the power of a blog is that it feeds and feeds. When you were gone from Red Hat, I realized I didn't know how to contact you outside of work.

You can contact me or read my ramblings (sometimes more than is in a Fedora filter) at http://iquaid.org.

cheers - Karsten (quaid)