Sunday, July 15, 2007

Out in about in Brno

So... Friday is here and Amber asked me to go to the Brno Castle with her after work. So we hiked up the the cobble stone paths to the top. And let me tell you is not an easy climb ... we had a wonderful time looking at the old Chapel and the the exhibits. We then wandered down into the "Casements", which we would call the dungeons. Amazing the history in the place.

We wandered around for about 4 hours and looked at most of everything we could see. However, the most stunning thing for Amber and I was the exhibit of the Anti-Nazi propaganda that was done by a local Czech artist. We can't remember his name right now but it was incredible. It reminded Amber and I that the blind power that people bestow upon Governments is quite often unfounded.

We then worked our way home before dark and picked up some KFC.... I know, we're bad people for buying American Fast Food in the Czech Republic... but we got lazy and... damn it was good.

Tomorrow we leave for Italy.... long drive but should be a good time.

More later...

Here are the pics:

About in Brno 7/13/07