Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More Traveling...

This week is gonna be a long one. We are traveling by car from Brno, to Salzburg (Wed), Munich (Thurs), Legoland Germany (Fri) which is near Stuttgart, then on to Nuremburg(Sat), then the 6 hour drive back to Brno on Sunday.

We left late the AM (9:30). Horrible weather, chilly and drizzling which ended up being full blown rain as the day progressed. We got to Salzburg around 2:00PM, not before I got a 120 Euro fine from the police. Apparently you need to buy a tax sticker for your car when you cross into Austria. No one told us! The officer claimed there were signs. There weren't! Anyway they had a check point and I got fined. About $163.50 USD. Its a good thing I happened to have the Euros on me otherwise someone would have been bailing me out the Salzburg pokie!

Checked into our beautiful hotel. This place is by far the best for the dollar (or Euro) that I've stayed in while in Europe. It is the Wolf-Detrich Click the link for the web site and pictures.

After dropping off bags, we headed into the city's pedestrian zone. Amber and the kids looked at several shops and we took in the sights. Grabbed a bite to eat and looked around some more, until almost 7pm.

Got back to the hotel and went down stairs to the spa. Kids swam, Amber and I used the Sauna and steam bath.

Kids are showering and getting ready for tomorrow and bed. Amber and I are in the hotel lounge getting a snack and I'm writing this...

More about Munich tomorrow!

Pics are here:

Salzburg 7/4/07