Thursday, June 28, 2007

Out of London and Into Brno

Been in Brno a few days. EasyJet destroyed my suitcase. So bad the put all my clothes on a new suitcase and sent it to me. Many items were missing & damaged. The contents looked shredded. So now I need to fight with them to get everything replaced.

Amber and the kids have been exploring Brno for the last few days, they have taken lots of pics, so don't blame me for the subject matter... (hint... lots of pictures of clothes?)

We're off to Prague the weekend so it should be an interesting time.

The rest of the time I've been in the office trying to keep RHEL 5.1 content straight, which is never an easy task.

Here are the pics, more over the weekend...

Train Trip from Prague -> Brno 6/24/07 6:53 PM

Around Town In Brno 6/27/07