Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Its been quite awile since I posted... I really aim to change that.

As part of my FY 08 goals for work (Red Hat), I need to blog more about things at work since so much of what I do involves Fedora, which is a community project. This way I can get feed back and give the community some idea of what goes on inside Red Hat. So I'll be adding more and more about what I do at work here.

Its a tricky endeavor... we have NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) in place with partners and customers, as I'm sure you can imagine it will be *interesting* to say the least.

On the personal front, I'm back from Brno. We (Amber the kids and I) will be heading back in mid-June so that is exciting.

I'm hacking on my new Apple TV seeing what things I can make it do, that it never was designed to :-D

Enough for now. I have the grill fired up and I'm looking forward to some good Steak Tips tonight.

Amber has given me here latest news letter so I'm putting up the PDF version if you can't wait for the snail mail version. You can read it and past versions here... Amber's Newsletters.

More later