Saturday, February 17, 2007

We made it !!!

The day finally arrived. The Great European Adventure was underway. Surprisingly other than a few last minute medication details we made it out the door on time. And even more surprising was that the European Map Set I ordered from Garmin for my new GPS made it overnight from Kansas to my office on time with out incident. Will wonders never cease?

We had a van service pick us up at the apartment and take us to Boston airport, on time and with no troubles. By now I have all my fingers, toes, legs... hell anything I could cross was.

Check in ... thru security, quick bite to eat, board the plane... this is too good to be true, everything as expected.

Flight was OK, kids behaved (so did Amber for that matter). Landed in London, then on a different flight for Vienna. Two hours later we arrive, grab a Taxi then off to the Train Station, luck is holding out we get there at 12:05, the next train to Brno is at 12:35...

Once on the train all three kids (Amber, Becca & Matt) are out for the count. Two and a half hours later we arrive. Grab a tram and we're off to the Apartment.

We grab a few things at the store, then go down to the Midway (a local pub close to the apartment) and grab dinner.

Today was exploring Brno... pictures are below. Some are mine and some Becca took with her new digital camera...

We are off to Prague tomorrow for 3 days. More on that as it happens. Need to get some sleep, train leave at 7:45 in the morning.