Friday, September 7, 2007

In the grind...

Finally back into the swing of things. I spent the last few weeks getting into the guts of being a package maintainer for both Fedora and Redhat.

For Fedora bash will soon be up to 3.2-18. I say soon due to the fact we are in a release freeze for Test 2. Once rawhide opens back up it will hit the mirrors with the first push. This release is more incorporation of upstreams official patches, bringing it up to patch level 25. If anyone wants to try the package sooner you can get it from here:

Next on the list will the final bug triage for Fedora 8 GA, however I suspect there won't be much going in between now and then unless its critical.

coreutils will hold where its at if I have anything to do with it :-)

Yesterday was the 15th year anniversary, celebration is this weekend. Ok so its really dinner out, but these days thats a party.


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