Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back from Europe now work begins...

Made it back to MA and everyone is glad to be home. Its fun to travel and get away but in the end there is nothing like your own bed and getting the food you want from your own fridge!

Back at work, trying to get RHEL 5.1 & 4.6 out the door, not to mention Fedora 8.

I've picked up a few packages to maintain in Fedora and RHEL. I now have bash and coreutils. So I've set off and got a Fedora account and have spent that last day going thru Fedora bugs for both packages trying to get a handle on whats out there. Also spent time at each packages upstream home, joining mailing lists and such.

Got a new laptop... A Dell Latitude D620. Not too bad, got Fedora 7 installed, my home directory moved over. Certificates and keys installed for the various repositories so now I can get working. The only down side is that I can't get it to suspend/resume. This one uses the ipw3945 chipset and the iwl3945 driver in the Fedora kernel won't let go of the device when trying to remove the kernel module during the suspend operation. Looks like a driver bug. I need to hit bugzilla and see if its been reported, if not I need to report it.

Other than the suspend issue the box works great, it has the intel graphics so I get all the cool eye candy with compiz.


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