Thursday, July 5, 2007

Munich... From the "I can't get the camera to work to save my life" Dept.

We left Salzburg and drove the 3 hours into Munich. Once your on the Autobahn you can see the base of the Alps, then you start into the edge of the Black Forest. Really cool. The weather has been really overcast with showers most of the time, and you couldn't really see much. As you can tell by the pictures.

Once we got to Munich we found our way to the hotel checked in then headed out into the city. So about 10 minutes into our walk I realize the camera battery is about dead and I left the charged spare in the hotel room... Dooh! Amber's little camera worked for about two pictures then would not turn on anymore. So we're a bit light on pictures for Munich. But there are a few.

We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, and then went to the Hoff Brau House, looked at the buildings. Amber checked out the cookcoo clocks and other Bavarian wares. We were all beat and turned in early.

Amber and I decided that four cities in four days is too much. So we're going to cut off a few cities in Rome and do a more laid back trip.

Here are the pics... Legoland tomorrow!

Munich 7/5/07

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