Friday, July 6, 2007

Legoland Germany!

All I can say was WOW! I never knew you could build so many complex things out of Legos. We had a short drive from Munich to Legoland. We did a package deal, park entrance, parking and night of hotel and it was worth it. Once I was the prices at the gates I about had a heart attack.

The park has rides, shops, food places and the best part of Amber and I at least was the recreations in Legos of Europe's great cities. Berlin, Venice, Hamburg.... on and on you'll have to look at the pictures. Yes we have pictures today, I remembered to charge the battery!

We all rode the rides, saw a really cool 4D Lego animated movie.

Now we're at the hotel, had dinner in the hotel bistro. Its about midnight and I need sleep.

Pictures are here:

Legoland Deutchland 7/6/07

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