Monday, June 11, 2007

One week closer...

Well one more week down and what a crazy one. Amber few to NC, Matt was down with "gas" issues, no need to say more there. I wasn't feeling great. Kids finishing up school for the year. The only one without some type of issue was Murphy the dog...

Work was design breakout meetings for partitioning tools, firstboot refit, and the usual madness at the asylum.

I did manage to get some of the video recording at home automated with shell scripts. One thing I've realized about mac, while its Unix under the covers, they really buggered it up with how proprietary software vendors design their applications, and apple encourages that behavior. Now to convice the Linux box to do the same job without all the proprietary junk.

Got some more music moved over. Found a bug in the RSS feed javascript, got that patched.

Spent way more time this weekend laying around than I should of. I really needed to be getting ready for the trip to NC and the follow on trip to Europe. More about that later...

I had got a 1TB (Triple interface USB,FW400,FW800) disk drive for work at a great price (<$300), so I bought one for me. USB works fine with Linux but look like RHEL5 and Fedora Linux kernels have a bug in the sbp layer that causes short reads near the end of the disk. That will get fixed shortly, but its a Crazy big drive. I really need one more so I can have a RAID5 (mirrored) setup with 1TB or storage.

More later I hope!


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