Saturday, June 2, 2007

More Hacking and another week...

As usual its been a few days since I posted anything. I've been fighting with a crappy Comcast signal in the apartment. My bedroom has one cable outlet which as usual is in the worst spot to have one. So I got a 20ft. high quality coax cable, I get a great analog signal, but the digital signal is so poor it won't even show on the TV.

More music clean up, hacking on the Ampache code to get the xml rss feed working they way I wanted them to. I still need to add a music catalog "Statistics" feed, I might get to that today if Amber isn't killing me with "HoneyDos'"

I then added so JavaScript to the blog page to display the rss feeds. The Blogger website I'm using has a widget to do it. But it sux. It only shows the artist not the album name, even tho its in the xml. I found an example on the web of what I wanted and hacked it up to give me what I wanted. Take a look. Its on the right side of what your reading :-D

I managed to scrounge up a new computer for my home linux box. Got a HP mutt box, nice thing is thats is dual core with 2gig of RAM with a SATA drive. Installed Fedora 7... and even the desktop bling worked! Now I can get back to working on other projects.

Work was crazy this week. Meetings, meetings and more meetings. I meet with Rex from the Fedora KDE SIG (Special Interest Group) about Red Hat and the KDE SIG and how we could work together to get a better KDE release. Yes KDE does belong to me within' Red Hat. A long draw out story, but basically the Desktop team fell out to be Gnome which left KDE without a home. So it ended up in the Base Operating System Group. I think we had a good meeting and I'm looking forward to trying to get KDE 4 in Fedora 8. Only issues is schedule alignment.

Got updates on the RHEL5.1 laptop improvements and encrypted filesystem enhancements from my team. Looking good so far but this is software, anything can happen.

More later.


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