Thursday, June 21, 2007

London ... From the "Exchange Rate Sucks Dept."

First let me say to everyone sorry for not keeping up with the blog while in London. We were non stop for the entire time. It was a major feet just keeping up with the photo uploads, and as you can see I'm way behind on captions :-(

The trip ended up being Thurs. afternoon, Fri and Saturday. I never knew you could cram so much sightseeing in such a short period of time. Normally I *hate* London. I've been there over 20 times at least. And I can report with great authority that Big Ben is still telling time! By far this was the best trip there. Its so much fun being able to show the family all the sights you've seen over the years. The best part is watching their expressions of wonder over everything.

We flew into Gatwick Airport, cleared customs, grabbed our luggage and grabbed the Gatwick Express train into London's Victoria Station. From there we had to get the subway, change trains twice before we got to our station at Covent Garden Station. Let me tell you how much fun that was dragging all the suitcases up and down stairs, thru subway stations and thru big crowds.... Yea! Everyone thought I was mean for making them pack light, with one small suitcase. They were thanking me by the end of that adventure. Made it to the hotel just before noon.

Everyone took about an hour nap then we headed out to get some food and walk around the city. We walked down to Leicester Square, got a bite and looked at the sights. Thats when Amber and Courtney decided they wanted to see a few shows, thats also the point when they learned the hard lesson about the exchange rate. It was 2:1, while the prices on the tag looked great until they did the math. For example a typical lunch for 5 people was about 50.00 pounds or $100.00 USD. Ouch!

Our hotel "Travelodge Covent Garden", was ideally located, a 5 min walk from Leicester Square and the Theater District. This made it an ideal location since we could get to most everything easily.

The first night ended with us eating a bite in the hotel cafe and being in bed around 8:00 pm.

Picutes can be found here:

London, England - Family Road Trip 6/21/07 7:12 PM


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