Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TV, Lost VHS tapes and Music ... OH MY!

Been busy the last week. Between work, family and getting ready for the trip back to Europe, its been a handful.

I bought a USB TV tuner. I needed a better DVR (Digital Video Recorder) than my crappy cable provider (Comcast) offers. This way I can grab video and then move it over to Europe while I'm there, giving the kids something to watch... OK... for me too. I got to have all the cool cooking channels on Food Network. So I spent some time getting that working, marking shows for recording. Works quite well. The only regret is that I should have got the one that was $50 more. This one uses the computers processor to encode the video, rather than having its own on board coprocessor. So at times the computer drags to its knees. Now I just need to find a way to auto trim out commercials and I'll be a happy camper.

While looking for some empty boxes for a neighbor who is moving, I discovered some old VHS tapes of when I was in the Army. I thought since now I have a way to grab video and digitize it with the TV Tuner that this would be a good time to finally do it. So now I'm off in search of our VCR. Since we made the witch to DVDs a few years back, the VCR has been taking a much needed break and I needed to find where it was hiding. I finally tracked it down, in our storage room. Matt and I go over to get it. I'm looking thru the storage room and it was sleeping (or hiding) under a large box in a corner. We get it home, plug in, attach cables and low and behold all I get is audio... NO VIDEO. Dooh! Was the tape bad? Try other tapes all with the same results. I run to WallMart and try to buy a video head cleaner. No dice. So I bought a new VCR, I couldn't just find one with just a VCR, its a DVD & VCR for $59. Yikes. I get it home and hooked up and it worked. Got the first tape done. Moved it into iMove for editing and effects. I got a rough cut done and it looks ok, but I have to trim out some bad frames where the tape is starting to go bad. Good thing I decided to do it now.

Got ampache running on the new computer, with apache and mysql. Now I Have the web based interface to all of my music back up. If you had and account and want one back let me know and I'll create it for you. I cleaned up and moved about 60 new albums over to the collection as well, still over a thousand more artists to go, but hey I'm getting there.

In between all that fun, I got tickets to Europe booked. A 3 day layover in London planned and tickets from London to Prague booked. Not to mention hotels, trains and other means of transportation. So I think we are set at least to get to Brno. From there who knows?

Work has been mostly getting RHEL 5.1 situated, with what content is going in and getting the developers moving. Now were starting on RHEL 4.9, seems like its never ending.

Enough for now. More later.


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