Friday, May 18, 2007

A few days worth of .... wrap up

Been a few. Been crazy the last few days. I'm finishing up on the yearly associate reviews. We've changed our review system with as I'm sure you can imagine introduces confusion, stress and total chaos into the process. This year I have to write 22 yearly, 3 New Hire 90 Day Evals and I'm 2nd level approver on another 25+... So my days have been consumed with phone calls to the overseas parts of the team, reading my 2nd level ones and meeting with the local folks face to face.

Then Ambers printer came in so setting that up was a real joy. I hate hardware that assumes that it will only be used with M$ Winblows. It gives you drivers for Linux & Mac, but you can only set up the built in wireless card with windows. To be fair they give you about 10 sets of instructions on how to set up the printer by creating a "Ad Hoc" wireless network. This involves changing all the settings on your computer and the printer and I still couldn't get it to work. And forget just trying to set it up for your existing network using static settings. It will allow you to set the IP address, netmask and gateway, but not the SSID or WEP/WPA keys. You can thru the windows gizmo, but not on the printer directly. How did I get it running? I have a Xen guest running on my Fedora 6 Machine running Windoze XP Home. Installed the software then in the virtual machine and it worked. I should also not just plugging in the Lan cable just worked. The problem was with the builtin wireless card. The net net of the operation is that it works Amber is happy and "When Amber is happy, everyone is happy".

Still waiting on my monitor....

I was able to get about 15 artists (30 CD worth) of songs cleaned up and moved to my media server. I'm getting there slowly but surely.

Rosetta Stone German is coming along nicely, still not out of lesson one, but I've done all the exercises and tests except the Speech Recognition. I'll try and tackle that tomorrow night. Hopefully my monitor will be in so I can enjoy the BIG SCREEN.


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