Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another week ...

Another long day of year end performance reviews. Almost done. Monday should be the end except for one person who is on holiday.

My monitor came in. WOW is it big. So far I'm pleased. It has a built in USB hub and USB card reader which is a plus. I got the sound bar which allows it to have stereo speakers and it has head phone jacks on the side in case your married to Amber who doesn't like noise :-D

I spent a good part of the evening messing with iWork's Pages program. Its Apple's Desktop Publishing program. Amber was wanting to do a booklet and was having trouble getting a template set up. I was able to get it after much voodoo. I moved over her booklet that she did in OpenOffice and it came out quite good if I say so myself.

I also got most of my music sorted, removed the dupes and the like. By running a few scripts on the directory it looks like I have:

1021 Individual Artists which breaks down into 3695 individual albums and 28003 songs. This is what I need to clean up yet. I have already cleaned up:

739 Albums, 406 Artists, 9211 Songs, 37.97 GB or a total of 26 days, 4 hours of music.

Whew.... Long way to go. I need to figure out how to automate the process more. When I ripped my CD over the years the mp3 tags didn't support album covers or all the id3 tags. This means I have to go back over them and add in the additional info. I have some software that helps. Then I run them thru some perl scripts that I have written. The goal is to have my whole collection cleaned up and accurate.

I need a better hobby!


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