Friday, May 11, 2007

Almost Friday...

Thursdays are my worst day by far for work. Its meeting day. For RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) we have a Thursday meeting to talk about status, schedule and content for the RHEL 5 product line, which usually means the update releases. So today was the RHEL 5.1 meeting.

We decided to drop KDE and QT from the approved package list. QT & KDE go hand in hand. QT being the widget set that the KDE Desktop uses. There were several i18n issues in QT which really needed more time upstream to bake prior to us taking it into the update. KDE had many bugs across all the sub components of the KDE desktop. While we had some fixes in hand I would rather do a more complete update across all of KDE. So it made sense to try and do a "KDE" spin for the next update, in this case 5.2.

Since that removed about 6 components from the manifest, we will take in:


Decided to do burgers on the grill... I love my grill.


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