Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ahhhh. The Weekend

Friday is here... finally.

Most of my day today was figuring out what to do with bugs that didn't make the RHEL 5.1 Release Criteria. Do we CLOSE WONTFIX? Defer till 5.2... or later? Lots of back and forth between my team and myself, often interesting due to the timezone differences. IRC is a great thing, it allows us to communicate globally in real time.

Had one on one meetings with my team leads, met with HC (most people would know it as HR, Human Resources, we call it Human Capital) about FY 08 hiring, when I can get requests in the system and started working on job descriptions.

I was disappointed this year in the Intern Resumes we got. For some reason they didn't have deep technical areas that we could apply. Most were over the top theoretical areas of study, while fascinating did not lend to what we needed.

Rented a truck and went to the storage room and got out my desk and chair. I moved Amber's work area into the living room so she could be in the middle of "Graner Central". This freed up a large area in the bedroom for me to set up my desk and work area. I took Matt and Rebecca with me. Matt is one strong kid, he was helping me move things around. I mean like lifting the end of the couch, tables, you name it.

Mental note... get him playing football, Daddy needs a retirement plan!

Then off to the store to get tonights dinner. Whats on the menu you ask?

BBQ Chicken parts and pieces (legs and thighs)
Potato Salad
Fresh Corn on the Cob
Baked Beans
Vanilla Ice Cream with fresh cut strawberries with whipped cream.

Amber invited Fr. Taggert over from St. Patrick's for dinner. Good discussion on a varied range of topics.

Rebecca had a friend stay over, so as usual lots of girlie giggling and carrying on.

Big day tomorrow.


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