Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Return Home...

Mikey & I got to Prague about 3:00 pm. Now I know why I don't have a car in the Czech Republic. If anyone has ever driven in NYC take that and multiply by 5 and that how bad it is to drive in Prague. Roads just end, switch directions on the same street. I know my way around Prague very well, but its a different game when your driving. Even with the GPS its a struggle.

Anyway it took us about 1.5 hours to make it to the hotel, we stayed at the Ramada Symphony on Wenceslas Square. Once we got there we checked in cleaned up then grabbed some lunch/dinner. Then we walked around so Mike could pick up some crystal and amber (the jewel not my wife) for his wife.

Then we went out pubbing. Numerous beers and several pubs later we ending up at the "Bad Bar" (english translation). It was several streets off Wenceslas Square an down a small side street. This was by far the best place I've been too in Prague. They have a very respectable selection of Cigars, good music and cheap drinks. We ended the night there discussing "whats next" in life. Needless to say no ephifanys were had, but it was good conversation, good beer and good friends.

We hit the sack around midnight.

I was up at 7:30 AM thanks to a well placed call from Amber. She couldn't sleep. Being the awesome conversationalist that I am within 15 min. she was yawning and dozing. Good to know I'm good for something.

Since I couldn't get back to sleep I got up showered and headed into town, leaving Mikey sleeping at the hotel. Amber left we a list of things to get in Prague for the next time I was there. So my morning was spent hiking all over Prague to get her list. Stop one was at Our Lady of Victory, aka the Shrine of the Infant of Prague. I got there about 9:15 and there was a mass going on so I had to wait. Normally I would have went in and attended the service, but I was late and it was in Czech. I stood in the back and listened and I could make out about 10 words and decided to wait until mass was over to get to the gift shop. The gift shop is in a room adjoining the sacharstry next to the altar. I picked up small porcelan statue of the infant and a neck charm and had them blessed. Then it was off to the Jewish quarter.

I went to the old synagogue where the gift shop/museam is and picked up some books on Gollum. If your interested on what Gollum is click here:

By the time I got back to the hotel Mikey was in the shower. We checked out and off to Brno. I had a few conference calls to make which ate up 3 hours, Mikey packed and went down to the store for a few things.

We went pub hopping in Brno. Not as friendly as Prague, but we had a good time anyway. We were back home a little after midnight. We were making a snack before bed when Amber called. Rebecca has been giving her a fit lately. She is trying to assert her will over her surroundings, needless to say right now she has poor judement. She has lawyer written all over her, she will argue and will not give in. Even after proving her wrong she digs in and gets really nasty. She can be the sweetest kid in the world but she has way to much of my mother in her.

Amber says "talk to your daughter" and hands the phone to Becca. The arguments were over clothes, bedtime, TV.... the list goes on. My stance was don't argue with our mother. Then she comes up with "Mommy doesn't follow the rules" and thats when I realized she needed a dose of reality. In hind sight I probably was too rough but hope it took hold. I calmly and in a very monotone voice said... "Rebecca you are about to learn one basic fact in life. LIFE IS NOT FAIR. You mother and I MAKE the rules and as long as your are under my roof you WILL follow them period. This is not up for discussion argument or anything else, get over it. The world does not owe you a thing, if you do unto others with respect and kindness you will get the same in return.". She kept trying the "but..., I know but..." I have never talked to her like that before and I think it scared her. I tried explaining that she will get the respect and freedom& leeway once she earns it and her behavior of late is not how she needs to act to get the things that she wants. Amber told me that when she got off the phone she just went in her room and cried. Then Amber went back to softly reenforce what I had said and expand on it now that she was in a mood to listen. I know I was a real pain in the ass as a pre-teen I guess its payback time.

Well after that it was bed time. I had arranged for Radek to drive us to Vienna, he showed up, we loaded up and headed out. The weather sucked, it was snowing and it took us about 45 mins more to get to the airport.


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