Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Great "EuroTrip" Begins.... Finally

For the avid reader of my blog, most of you know Mikey...

Mikey is my old friend from the Army. I've know Mikey since 1983 when we were room mates while stationed in Crailsheim Germany. Mike is the one person who single handedly spoiled my political career... he knows so much dirt on me, it would make Bill Clinton look like an alter boy. And yes he would run his mouth!

Mike was in a very serious car accident this year and almost "bit the big one" as he likes to call it. When he found out I was in the Czech Republic for a long time, he decided to come visit.

Logistically we decided to rent a car for the week and drive to Prague then into Germany to go back to where we were stationed hopefully look up a few old german friends and have 10 or 12 beers.

Started Wednesday morning, I got up early grab the tram and went down to the Hotel International where the Avis office was. Got the car... they upgraded me to a SUV a Renault, brand new. So I wonder why they would give an American an "upgrade", I get out the the car and quickly found out why. The drivers mirror has clear packing tape holding it on. Only would this happen to me. The French make some crappy ass cars and I'll leave it at that.

I drove to Vienna to the airport. Got there a bit early, used the airports free wifi access and caught up on some emails. Mikey's flight was 10 min late... but so far no kinks, hiccups or other "Murphyisms".

We drove back to Brno, took showers and went out to eat and had a few beers.

We went down to the "Midway" a local Brno eatery. After we got back Mikey fell asleep on the couch. He woke up about 3 AM in much pain. Long story short it looks like he got food poisoning, not sure where it was either on the plane or at the Midway. His illness set us back a day.

We got started on Friday (this AM) early. We decided to bypass Prague and go straight to Germany and hit Prague on the way back. We also deviated our plans to swing by Stuttgart and hang out with my development team. We got a room in downtown on the pedestrian zone. Anyway so off we went...

The route to Stuttgart takes you right by Crailsheim (where we used to be stationed) so we swung by for a quick look. Mikey hasn't been there in 16 years and was there about 6 years ago on another trip to Germany. We took some quick picks of the old military installation (McKee Barracks) and some places we used to hang out at. Click on the picture to see the album.

The Great "EuroTrip"

After about 40 min driving around the town we got back on the autobahan headed to Stuttgart.

Which brings me to where I'm at now... we are at the hotel. Mikey is in the shower and I'm writing this blog to catch up (while I'm sober) and will upload it and the pictures after we go out with my team...

More later...

I'm back!...

We met up with my team and had cocktails and dinner.

Mike found a vagrant "street singer" and decided to sing with her... and yes I have pictures.

Anyway. Tomorrow Crailsheim and St. Patricks day.

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