Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day Storm

School closed, work from home and hoping we get out to the Czech Republic tomorrow. Our flight leaves at 6:00 pm from Boston to London, then to Vienna. Hopefully they will have the roads and the Airport clear.

Amber has spent the day packing, I've been doing phone interviews for new candidates in Germany for the SAMBA team. All in all a quiet day, expect for when Amber sent me to the grocery store. In her planning for the trip she cleaned out the fridge... planning that we would eat out tonight and tomorrow before leaving ... guess what? SNOW!!!! and Petey has to run to the store.

Its been eventful the last few days, Amber down with a stomach thing, Matt sick with cough and fever, and I think Matt gave me his crud. Dr. Burch put me and Matt on antibiotics, and has Amber on something as well.

Everyone is feeling better today, hope it lasts or the trip will be... interesting?

Talked to Mikey today, he's meeting me in Brno on March 14th, then we're off to Germany to see some old friends from our Army days. We were swapping text messages between our phones to make sure they would work. We both have mobiles that will work in Europe but sometimes things like text messaging get buggered up.

Oh! before I forget, Pics of the storm...

More later on the great "European Winter Vacation"....


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