Thursday, February 22, 2007

Owwww my feet hurt! Day 1

Take a good look at the subject line of this blog entry... its the new mantra of the Graner family. It has been been sung non stop by everyone on this trip.

Saturday we walked all around Brno, spent the most time at Sts. Peter & Paul church

We started the Prague adventure at 6:00 AM Sunday. We had a 7:50 AM train from Brno to Prague. The train ride was uneventful, Amber and the kids took a nap and we arrived a few hours later. A quick subway ride (about 5 stops) we got off at the Muzuem (yes its spelled right) stop which was a few hundred meters from our hotel. We are staying at the Ramada on Wenceslas Square very nice hotel and moderately priced.

We checked in the hotel, dropped off bags then went out to explore Prague. We started to walk towards the Charles Bridge. After 30 minutes we hadn't gone more then a few hundred feet, Amber was mesmerized by all the shops and insisted on going in every one. After explaining to her that there are hundreds of thousands of "shops" and if she ever wanted to see anything that we needed to keep moving. That worked OK until she got past the Astronomical Clock and started hitting Marionette shops. It took us over an hour to walk less than a mile to the Charles Bridge. The whole time Matt was griping that he was bored, hungry... list list goes on and on.

Once we got thru the shops we made it to the The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn and the Astronomical Clock. From there we worked our way down to the Charles Bridge. Amber was totally floored by the sculpture, and history. It took us about and hour and a half to cross the bridge. We stopped at every vendor. Several hundred Korunas later we made it to the other side. We stopped at a Cafe and had a drink and a small bite to eat.

From there we were on a mission. Amber wanted to make a pilgrimage to the Child Infant of Prague . If you don't know what it is click the link.

We got to the Church of Our Lady Victorious (where the infant is housed) and Amber immediately began say the prayers, which left the kids an myself wandering around the church. We found ourselves in the gift shop at the church, when a Priest came up to the kids and started talking to them. As we found out his name is Fr. Anastasio the Pastor of the Church. He talked to Rebecca and Matthew and told us of his missions in Central Africa and gave the kids a few gifts in return for doing a mission for him. The gifts were pictures of of religous symbols made out of butterfly wings. Once Amber gets back to the US she will scan them and I'll put them online. My description doesn't do justice. Amber collected various bits of religious memorabilia.

From the Church we wandered back to the hotel stopping at several churches and shops along the way.

The kids and I went down the street to a local pub for dinner, Amber stayed upstairs and slept... an extended nap you could call it.

On to day two...

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