Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ok, now the dogs are really barking! - Day 3

Day 3 began early, we had to check out of the hotel and put our bags in lockup for the day.

I arranged for a private guide to take us thru parts of the city most tourists don't get to. Jan (our guide) was wonderful. We met him at the Astronomical Clock at 9:30 and from there he took us thru the city showing us things you would never see without them being pointed out. We went thru the Jewish Quarter and on to the Little Quarter where he walked us up and up and up a hill which overlooked the castle. As it turns out it was a monastery and we were in the gardens overlooking the whole city. Words don't describe it, look at the pictures.

We then walked down and had lunch at a great Mexican Cantina. After lunch we walked thru the Gardens onto the Charles Bridge. He told us little know facts about the Bridge and it's statues. He finally left us outside the hotel.

We the caught the subway up a few stops to the train station. We were able to catch an earlier train to Brno.

Once we got back everyone was asleep right after dinner.

Good time in Prague!


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