Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blog Time Again

Well the EuroTrip Vacation is over for the family, while I have another 3 weeks in the Czech Republic to go.

We arrived at the Flughaffen (Airport) at 11:00 am for the 14:55 flight to London. Shopping was a must since Vienna Airport has what could best be discribed as a mall just beyond the ticket counters.

We checked baggage and went through the control point into the “mall”, the kids and I stopped at my favorite cafe for a quick snack while “Mom” went shopping for all the last minute gifts that she was unable to get during the bulk of the trip. Snapped a few pics which you can see here.

Saying goodbye was hard, Becca started crying, not wanting to go, Amber was not wanting to go. So as you can imagine it was tough. They got through passport control, while I was waving goodbye.

From there I wandered out of the Airport, down to the CAT train (City Airport Train). I had about a 20 min wait. While waiting there was a group of three American girls, who looked to be about 19 or 20 discussing what Hostels they were going to stay at and they hoped that sheets didn't cost too much as they were running low on Euros. Listening to the conversation, I could envison Rebecca in the same situation. /me chuckled.

In Vienna there are a few train stations. If your headed to anywhere outside of Austria you need the Sud Bahanhoff or South Train Station. Getting there is not exactly easy if you are going to or coming from Brno. First I had to cat the CAT train to Landstrasse Station, from there I needed to catch the Blue Line on Platform 4 up two stops, which puts you at the Sud Bahnhoff.

I got in about an hour and a half early, so I wandered into the only thing that was open and had seats open... the pub. Damn I hate when that happens!

I bought an hours wireless Internet access, checked mail and the like. Then I set work to getting Dr. Burch's web site up and running. I was able to knock out most of the site, structure on the main page and get much of the text he supplied into the various pages.

Two beers and 9 web pages later, it was time to go. I grabbed a slice of pizza from the bistro next door and off to Gliss (track) 5 to catch my train.

I decided to splurge and do the 1st class car, since you get a power outlet and free drinks on the train ride :-) this of course gave me the ability to write this blog entry without running out of power... Given that it was only 18 Euros more and they bring you the drinks at your seat... do I need to say more?

Back to Brno, where I have to wash a butt load of clothes by hand it the kitchen sink... Oh did miss that story? I guess I did.

Amber decided that she was going to wash a load of clothes. I showed her how much soap and softener to use and where to put it. She loads up the washer, now mind you this washer is a piece of crap. Its French (Electrolux) and only holds 5 kg. (about 11 pounds) of laundry.

The drum is a staneless steel cage with two door flaps that have to be closed prior to running it. And “Oh by the way” you can close the main lid with the “flaps” open. Which is exactly what Amber did. She started the washer which made the belt slip off (I'm guessing since its slipped off 5 times since I've been there). The belt will slip off if you look at it the wrong way, too much clothes ...

Anyway bottom line is its junk. It seems to take the land lord about 2 to 3 weeks to get it repaired. So as you can imagine I have to wash my undies by hand, I guess I can try and take my other clothes to the cleaners, but I haven't' seen one since I've been in Brno... /me starts to worry.

Well, I have a beer to finish and some work (yes I do do work over here!) to catch up on since I've been out of the loop for over a week.


Back home in Brno. Stoped by the store and grabed some meat for dinner, went home and well... you guessed it made dinner. Downloaded a few TV shows from iTunes. Sat on the couch and promptly fell asleep. Woke up and tracked the flight, its still over the Atlantic.

Its after midnight and time to get back to bed...


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