Thursday, February 22, 2007

Amber navigates Brno alone.

Amber decided she wanted to go downtown in Brno to shop undisturbed. Apparently the kids and I don't like to go to the same stores she does.

She took the mobile, money and was off.

The kids and I cleaned up for the cleaning lady. It was not fair to leave her with that mess! Then we got some Lunch at Al Capone's, a local pizza joint, the off to the Albert (the Czech equiv. of a grocery store) for a few things for dinner.

Low and behold Amber arrives hungry (was afraid to order alone) with bags of goodies (not afraid enough to shop tho!).

She spent most of the day at Sts. Peter and Paul gift shop and walking thru the gardens.

I caught up on blogs, email and pictures...

Roast chicken for dinner, Amber is napping and the cleaning lady is wondering what the hell happened to the apartment...

More tomorrow.


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