Friday, January 26, 2007

Back in Mass...

Made it in finally. As usual nothing was simple. JFK Airport was backed up by about 20 planes, so we sat on the ground for 55 min. Once we got in the air total flight time was 40 minutes. Spent more time waiting to take off instead of flying.

Signed for the new lease and got the keys. Movers showed up at 9:00 and started packing. It was total chaos. Stuff was everywhere. Drywall dust and insulation was on, in and around everything.

Its now 15:48 and they only have half of the apartment packed up and moved. They still have the kitchen, master bedroom, two bathrooms and assorted odds and ends to go. Looking to be a 8:00 PM night before they finish.

Amber booked a flight leaving tonight heading to Charlotte for her aunts funeral. So she is off getting ready to go. She has a 7:00 PM flight and needs to be on the road by 4:30 since its a Friday night. She'll be back on Sunday.

More tomorrow...


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